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Pinedale, WY 82941                                                                                                                   


Technical Resource

Strategic, analytical mechanical engineer with in-depth technical knowledge and a history of success in achieving cost savings; designing new, more efficient processes; and bringing projects from concept through implementation for both midstream and E&P companies. Optimize gas gathering and compression with a strong focus on safety and environmental factors. Highly knowledgeable of natural gas compression equipment, gas/liquid separation equipment, fluid flow, piping design and process control.

Selected Accomplishments

Saved Anadarko Petroleum $8.4MM in capital costs associated with major pipeline projects. Utilized modeling software correctly to analyze oil transport system. Performed build out scenarios to prove true capacity of the system. Original project economics were based on 40 Mbbl/day transport capacity. Following analysis using proper modeling techniques, official capacity was rated 120 Mbbl/day. 

Developed solution to increase high-pressure transport system capacity throughput and reduce operational cost for Anadarko Midstream. System analysis added ~120 MMscf/d of capacity to the system while staying within operational constraints of the pipelines, reduced net horsepower requirement for system throughput by 1340 horsepower, and enabled use of all bottlenecked compression. Estimated maximum transport capacity was 1.6 Bcf/d without new pipeline installations.

Created process for ensuring accuracy of network pipeline simulations at Anadarko Midstream. Utilized data exchange module to link simulation to SCADA system to import operational data. Data could then be used to show deficiencies in the system model and therefore ensure accuracy of the model. Wrote and published a �how-to� document that was uploaded to the company website. 

Trained other engineers at Anadarko Petroleum on well remediation procedures. Performing regulatory compliance role, created training material for other engineers that was featured content on company website. Trained new-hire engineers on remedial cement procedures. Led team project seeking new technologies to be utilized in well remediation and completed successful pilot treatment. 

Successfully mitigated base production effects migrating horizontal wells to low pressure gathering system. Analyzed compression and pipeline capacity to generate solution for moving ~40 MMscf/d of horizontal production into low pressure gathering system with no impacts to line pressure while making room for new horizontal wells to flow at lower pressure as well

Verified and validated gas gathering and transmission pipeline buildout proposals for Anadarko Petroleum�s Wattenberg project. Previous system models had not been updated, tuned, or validated for over a year. Analyzed the most complex gathering system in the company and began updating model monthly, resulting in a history of the system�s performance range that could be used to aid in predicting future system response accurately.

Increased flow 9% by installing load control on compressor units to handle line pressure fluctuations. A significant portion of the Greater Natural Buttes gathering system was built with non-insulated surface pipe, creating over-pressure problems during the summer. Sized cylinder pockets and worked with automation team to develop load control scheme that ultimately lowered line pressure and increased throughput. 


Career Summary

Holten INC

Operations Engineer


Enterprise products, llc

Field Engineer



Project Engineer, Capital Maintenance and Modernization


Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Production Engineer, Well Services


Anadarko Midstream

Operations Engineer


Halliburton Energy Services

Technical Professional, Fracture Stimulation


State of Wyoming

Administrator, Windows NT Network


Education / Certifications / Affiliations


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University

Certified EIT, Colorado and Texas

IADC Well Control, Workover


Petroleum Engineering �SuperSchool,� Colorado School of Mines

Rike Training Services Cement School

Ariel Technical School

Ariel Basic Product Training

Waukesha Product Development Program

JM Campbell Cryogenic Plant Operation

Bryan Research Promax Level 1 Training

Engineered Software Piping System Fundamentals

SimSci Advanced PipePhase Simulation Course

GTI Gas Measurement

Smith and Burgess Relief System Design

Blanchard Situational Leadership


Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Member, Gas Processors Suppliers Association


Technical Skills


Microsoft Office Suite, LandMark OpenWells, Data Analyzer Query, Spotfire, PipePhase, PipeFlo / OLGA, SynerGEE, Ariel Performance, HTS Compress, Promax, HYSYS, OSI PISoft, Cygnet SCADA, and AutoCad / CadWorx / Caterpillar GERP